Published on:

27th Jun 2022

Season 2 Episode 13

Check out this week's updates for the end of June/beginning of July!

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About the Podcast

Keene City Podcast
With Caleb Hodges
This show is to be the liason between the City of Keene and their residents. Communication is key to understanding what is going on around us and this podcast will do just that. Every Monday morning, an update on Keene will publish with a monthly conversation with leaders of the city.

You may email me at calebhodgeskeenequestions@gmail.com

About your host

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Caleb Hodges

Caleb Hodges spent the first few years of his career working as an emergency medical technician. During that time, he earned his private pilot's certificate, found a passion in research at the local trauma center, and much more. After his time as a full time EMT, Caleb earned his real estate license as a side gig while podcasting and exploring the many possibilities involved. He is married and stays at home with his two kids. This opportunity has allowed him to start PodMosh where he aims to explore different ideas and thoughts through the show as he interviews different guests. His aim is to find out other people's perspectives through their experiences in personal, career, and the hard times of life. A shift in perspective can happen by asking a simple question: WHY?


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